Hagámoslo siempre

«Build a box of perfectly reflective internal surfaces. Light will never be absorbed or dissipated, but endlessly recycled and returned through the box’s mirrored interior.

Whatever moment it captures – that is, whatever was happening when the box was sealed: the event, or location, that bounced its reflective way into the box’s hermetic closure – will remain in a constant state of cross-reflection, never dissipating or fading.

The image, a kind of 3-dimensional holograph of the event it refers to, can then be sent floating outward from the earth, drifting through space, reflecting, never aging, one moment stuttering through itself over and over again till universal heat-death.»

BLDGBLOG. 2 architectural suggestions for stopping time.

Do nothing

Imagen: nothing.

—What I like most of all is just doing nothing.

—How do you do just nothing?

—Well, when grown-ups ask “what are you going to do”? and you say “nothing” and then you go and do it.

—I like that, let’s do it all the time.