La tercera revolución industrial

Desde la aparición de la agricultura la historia de la humanidad parece haber estado ligada, a (al menos) dos fuerzas —obviando las cuatro interacciones fundamentales de las que emanan; doctores tiene la iglesia—: la lucha por el control de los medios de producción y el monopolio de la violencia*, y la dignidad humana.

«Now the using of 3D printing in space is a very hot topic. And one of the problems is that the methods of 3D printing that exist now can not be applied in space.

There are printers which work with powder and liquid, which will not work in space because they will not take the desired shape, and it will just fly away. There are printers that work with extrusion technology, but these printers have some problems even back on Earth, because the stuff that comes out of the printer starts to scatter formlessly.

Photo by Sasa Jokic 705x1024 robot 3d printer

On the contrary, our technology allows printing even where there is no gravity. Now NASA is planning to make a programme for sending a 3d printer into space to print missing parts. The idea is to avoid sending each time the supply vehicle worth several million dollars to the ISS and to enable astronauts to print something themselves. […]

There is some very good research at MIT, where they made a machine that can change the density of concrete, so that one block of concrete has completely different characteristics in its different parts. It seems to me that there is a high probability that in the fairly near future, instead of insulation, windows, waterproofing, etc., there will be a single body, which will have different properties in its different parts.»

Fragmentos. Future Urbanism. Printing the future
An interview with Petr Novikov on the new 3D-printing technologies by Georgy Aygunyan

Mientras esperamos a que la tecnología modifique las relaciones de poder y deje obsoletos los planteamientos de organización social implementados hasta la actualidad, podemos ver el vídeo de dezeen: Mataerial by Petr Novikov, Saša Jokić, Joris Laarman Lab and IAAC ambientado por mémoire music:

«Irrelevant printing of simple curves, you can do this out of a tube with a two composite glue if you do it slow enough, and since all the videos are speed up several times it just shows that you can do the same by hand instead of a fancy expensive KUKA

[*] No tengo claro si ambas cosas son o no indisociables.